Funk, but workin’ on it …

Had my monthly DARN SANE meeting this morning … Arrrgh!  People are evil and sick!  I hate knowing this …

Now, locked in my studio … I am determined to work through the mood-funk.  This means Adele is blasting on the stereo, my most inspiring photo slide show (art/project ideas) is playing on the screen and I putter and play with glass.

It’s helping … I’m making progress on my butterfly.  It’s ready for ‘grouting’ with frit so it can be fired.


My kiln is cooling down from a blank run … What to do with this piece?  Bowl, vase/pendant lamp or spoon rest?  Hmmm …


My bottle bowl experiment is done.  I like it, but not well enough to offer up to the shops.  It’ll sit in my studio to inspire other ideas … or catch dust.  Whatever … Winking smile

bottle-bowl---done   bottle-bowl-side-view

Meanwhile, DH, my camera and ‘nature’ are trying to help my mood, too.  DH has placed my hot tub (the one from the front yard!) onto the studio deck and is finishing up the railing …


And … Check this out.  We have what I call Brown Flamingos (ok, so they’re actually Sand Hill Cranes) who’ve adopted us this spring.  I zoomed in with my new camera (AMAZING ZOOM) and look … they have a baby!

birds  sand-hill-cranes

I plan to play in the studio until it’s time to create in the kitchen (make dinner).  Time for an army supply of comfort food!

cooking for a crowd


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