No Sunshine, but solitude … ???

Almost!  We’ve been adopted by yet another couple.  This time, a pair of Barn barn-swallow-mud-nestSwallows has ‘moved-in’ … right on my side porch (outside the kitchen).  They sure are a vocal pair and I’m not loving their choice of summer homes!  I did a little research, and it turns out those procreative buggers have two ‘litters’ a season!  AND … they’re more likely than not to try to come back to this exact spot next year.  OH NO!  I’ll be watching close, and as soon as possible (without killing babies or birds) that mud nest is GOING!!!  (I’m still trying to figure out why I’m such a bird-magnet … WTH???)

barn swallowAs I was not enjoying the birdsong … I took my wake-up coffee to the studio.  I’m waiting for the coffin kiln to cool down now.  Will reload with a de-bubbling run;  Hope to take my peacock platter to the next level (is it dry YET?!?);  Need to take some photos for listings;  and I’d really like to work on some necklace/pendant pieces … we’ll see.

Having Grilled Lemon-Pepper fish for dinner (not this exact recipe, as Ill be using Swai tonight, and no POISON bell peppers – I’m allergic, but) … very yummy (and for non-fish-lovers – it’s not ‘FISHY’ at all)!

grilled lemon pepper halibut

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