“Date Night”

cedar pointThe twins have reached another milestone … at least in our school district.  Today marks the 8th grade field trip – to Cedar Point.  This is a pretty old tradition (DH and I both went when we were in 8th grade … umm, CENTURIES ago!)  But it always makes me nervous, the thought of my babies crossing state lines, being THAT far away from me.  DH’s take:  ‘Cool, that means it’s date night’ … Sure, if I can let go of worrying for a minute. 

But for now, I’ve got Adele blasting in the studio and I’m producing.  (BTW – Adele seems to be a DH-deterrent … good knowledge to store away for future reference if/when needed.)  I made pendant pieces last night – kinda cute.

pendant-molds-loaded      pendant-molds-runcircle-beads  dichro-pendant  pendant-beads

I scrubbed and re-primed the coffin kiln shelves.  Now I’ve got her loaded up for the de-bubble run.

coffin-shelves-primed      coffin-debubbling

And my woven bowl is ready for the next slump run.  I think it may turn out neat … But that’ll be next week.


Sure hope the kids are staying safe …

cp ride

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