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T-6 … so what’d you do today?

Less than 6 days ‘til Christmas … Wow, it’s really coming extra fast this year. Of course, a houseful of squishy-faced-love adds to the fun and hectic level of activity. DH and I did a little Christmas shopping today, when I finally… Read More

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming …

The To-Do list is out of control … My working vacation was too short to get anywhere near the bottom of that list – Darn it!!! But – it is summer, and the sun is shining this week … and I DID… Read More

“Date Night”

The twins have reached another milestone … at least in our school district.  Today marks the 8th grade field trip – to Cedar Point.  This is a pretty old tradition (DH and I both went when we were in 8th grade …… Read More