T-6 … so what’d you do today?

Less than 6 days ‘til Christmas … Wow, it’s really coming extra fast this year.

Of course, a houseful of squishy-faced-love adds to the fun and hectic level of activity.


DH and I did a little Christmas shopping today, when I finally decided that my left axilla was officially bugging me.  Dissolving-suture---NOTTo review:  I had a decent chunk of tissue removed some 4+ weeks ago; The hole was repaired with dissolving suture – or so I was told; Irritated nerve pain running through one’s arm pit is an annoying sensation;  So much so, I let DH do a little home surgery.  This is what he got out.  [BTW … no, that’s NOT a picture of my retarded tape worm!*]

And – there’s still another chunk of that fishing line in me … but it hurts now.  Dang doctors anyway! 

So, I got lost in my studio for a while (=good therapy).  I’m working on a special request, along with some other cabs.  And, I’m making lists of projects for 2014.

special request cabs

Before I end the night,  I’m up for some pain meds, a bit more love-time with my pooches, and I’ll wrap up this Christmas punch-list! (Code for internet shopping with expedited delivery …)

* My dysfunctional tape worm is always hungry, but I gain the weight!

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