Almost human … AKA ‘I got sick’– i.e. GINGER VIRUS

Almost HumanWWU: I got sick – at work.  For a minute there, I thought maybe DH was trying to take advantage of my food allergies (umm, poison me! – But ya know, my life insurance policy stinks, and I’m not quite THAT paranoid); so maybe it was …

  1. – actual food poisoning;
  2. – salad  overdose;
  3. –  some new mutant viral strain of bizarre-cave-disease;
  4. – Hippo Flu (cuz, it couldn’t be anything established … like bird flu!) … ???

Two days (ok, technically 45 hours) into it … I’m feeling almost human again (= just a tad bit like recycled road-kill), so it was probably some type of flu.  A huge apology to my coworkers for tanking on you the last two hours of our tour (and – a ginormous THANK YOU for taking care of me)!!!  Since I don’t think my illness was any version of this year’s standard influenza – I have to work on a really cool name for my obviously UNIQUE (Brand NEW!!!) illness … so, GingerVirus, maybe …  Winking smile

Anyway – I’m getting back on the horse – only a couple days late this week.  My studio is up and running with more ornaments, bottle slumps and dichroic jewelry.  And, I’ve got a special request bowl in the works, along with several new listings for the online shops coming … It’s all good! 

redwing-necklace   Dichroic-butterfly-necklace   Tropical-paradise-necklaceflower-power-spoonrest   Dogs-spoon-rest

I’ll be heading back to the shop on Thursday.  And, we’ll have photos of squishy-faced EYES-OPEN (neapolitan mastiff) puppy-love coming soon.

I’ll close with a big THANKS(!) to my family, too … You ‘nursed me’ [back to health/normal-ness] wonderfully!  Momma’s kitchen will re-open later today!  Winking smile

Mel's Diner = Mama's Kitchen

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