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Nothing to do but plow through …

Lots going on … I turned 29 (again! … A few more of these birthdays, and I’ll be able to skip straight to social security); we had puppies(!!!); got through a weekend (work) tour with a particularly tough case; and we continue… Read More

Baby, it’s cold outside!

But we’ll get to that in a minute … First, you have got to see this cuteness! Rolls upon rolls of ADORABLE!  I’m grateful I’m surrounded by puppy breath.  Otherwise, this week might stink!  We had a pipe burst in the wall… Read More

Almost human … AKA ‘I got sick’– i.e. GINGER VIRUS

WWU: I got sick – at work.  For a minute there, I thought maybe DH was trying to take advantage of my food allergies (umm, poison me! – But ya know, my life insurance policy stinks, and I’m not quite THAT paranoid);… Read More

I’m back …

The to-do list has shrunken to an acceptable level … this means my kilns have been running!  YAY!!  I have a large blank cooling in the production kiln and bottles slumping in the coffin, as I type.  Oh, I like this MUCH… Read More

When the to-do list is no fun … play with puppies!

So, my should-do list is growing out of control … taxes, competency tests, appointments, meetings, house work  … YUCK!  No studio time … but I do have puppy time!  We had our first Neo pup ‘photo shoot’ today … they are growing… Read More

News from the Den …

I have such great friends!  In the last week, I’ve been given a ton of bottles!  Now to spend my dog-sitting-duty time soaking labels and scrubbing bottles, in between switching pups and feeding Liv … I think I’ll try quenching glass this week…. Read More

Studio News …

I’ve gotten a few pendants and badge reels pulled together … just quick projects.  And I continue to re-photo some ‘older’ pieces – as I realize now just how horrible the lighting was in some of my initial listings …     … Read More

Technology … Day 2

So … here’s what you can do when you are on pup-duty all day, have your smart phone, a lap top … and 12 sweet puppies … I love puppies …

Weekend update … puppies

Outside of the standard flu & psych patients … Superbowl weekend proved to be a fairly mellow one.  A great crew of co-workers is always a bonus!  My only gripe is this:  There should be a national law that prohibits drug-seeking, drama-craving,… Read More

If Martha Stuart and June Cleaver had a third sister …

She MIGHT just look like me … We had Christmas with my Dad yesterday … Whew!  We pulled it off (… I think …) – and my Martha Stuart/June Cleaver façade is safe – for a while yet any way … It… Read More