Studio News …

I’ve gotten a few pendants and badge reels pulled together … just quick projects.  And I continue to re-photo some ‘older’ pieces – as I realize now just how horrible the lighting was in some of my initial listings …

   The-Galaxies-necklace  DSC09967  DSC097091

It keeps me busy and close to Olivia – who is going through a normal, but rough stage at the present.  She’s being very finicky about what she’ll eat … Her preferred diet right now is hotdogs (lots of them!), cheese, vanilla ice cream and water.  She’s balking at cheeseburgers, canned food, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, etc. … We’re encouraging squirts of formula and spoonful’s of yogurt … I hate this stage.  We should be through it within the next day or so … but – jeez!

And it’s Friday, so I’m also mentally preparing (or trying to …) for the weekend.  Maybe some wine would help … Smile

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