If A and B then G, else … (AKA Weekend Wrap-up)

Or something like that … It rings a distant bell for some type of math – or maybe it’s mathHTML coding … ??? Anyway – that’s about how much sense our new Senior ED ‘criteria’  is making right now: … If the patient is 65 or older, you must (mandatory) complete a senior assessment – unless they’re stable=visit less than an hour, critical=visit less than an hour, ‘some’ level 3, all level 4, all level 5 (***see stable/critical exceptions) … and so on and so on.  I could keep going with these rules, until you’re head is spinning as much as mine – but if you’re getting the gist of the blind leading the blind in a mandatory endeavor to accomplish … [what??? …] then, you’re getting it! 

Meanwhile, census was way up this weekend – especially Saturday.  Apparently everyone wanted to converge upon our ER in this time span … whether their symptoms were of one hour onset or 3 weeks … this was the magical time frame to ‘get it fixed … NOW’!  And it’s not even the full moon weekend (that’s next week – I already checked!).

lovejobSo what’s a charge nurse to do … keep plugging away.  I was chanting “I love my job” so much, that it [almost] became part of my greeting, “Hi, I’m Kris.  I love my job.  What can we help you with today?”

But – it’s all over for another 5 days … Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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