News from the Den …

bottlesI have such great friends!  In the last week, I’ve been given a ton of bottles!  Now to spend my dog-sitting-duty time soaking labels and scrubbing bottles, in between switching pups and feeding Liv … I think I’ll try quenching glass this week.

Olivia is getting her appetite back.  I like this much better!  Her crew is growing sooo quickly.  They’re traveling all around the whelping box, snuffing out mom like little piglets!  Smile  They’re a week old and have doubled their weight … Great job Momma Liv!!

             Livpups1wk  tawny1wk

Meanwhile, Tunie’s pups are moving on to their new homes this week.  I will miss them … but I also know they’ll get more one-on-one attention/spoiling than I can give. naysbabies6wks Monet’s babies are ready to expand their world … so we’re making the next step to free roam in the back hall.  We have names:  Yoda Kei, Zonie, Zetia and Kong.  They recently got their ears trimmed, and I can see I’ll need to help Kong a bit (droopy ears – so I’ll have to tape them up).  I weighed Yoda … he is up to a whopping 15.6 ounces … almost a pound!!  They’re loving canned food, and we’ll start the transition to soaked kibble now that their teeth are in.

Our youngest daughter had her first basket ball game on Monday … they won!  Go Eagles!!  Our oldest son has finally decided to take the last step of the multi-phase ‘get your license’ process … It’ll be nice to have one less patron of ‘Moms Taxi Service’, but I also worry about him driving … alone!  I don’t consider myself one of those moms that can’t cut the apron strings – but I’m also an ER nurse, which means I can picture him hurt 886 different ways …  I guess he’s doing his job – making me worry.  Disappointed smile

Time to drag the tax papers back out and and finish sorting through that mountain …


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