Creative Blahs …

It’s Thursday … it was a beautiful day temperature-wise.  I didn’t even mind all the mud.  I’ve finished my ‘DARN SANE’ call for the week.  I’ve had multiple visitors over the last few days (Yorkie pups).  I have a houseful of adorable, fun, healthy puppies.  I got to see my daughter’s basketball game (who knew middle school girls b-ball was so rough!?).  I even did some work this week on taxes … I have 48 hours of ‘free time’ before starting my shifts in the ER … so why am I so blah?  No creativity going on, I guess.  No studio project ‘burning a hole’ in my head to get my hands on … Hmmm.  Maybe what I need is a night of nothingness, vegging in front of the TV …


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