Weekend wrap-up … let it snow

Looks like ‘Snowmageddon’ finally hit – or I should say ‘is hitting’, as I believe they’re still calling for more today and tomorrow – this time without all the hoopla and forewarning …

So we had two types of patients last night:  Those that were really sick, and those that wanted to be really sick, as they had ‘braved the weather’ to come in to the ER.  The second group was NOT pleased with the quick turn-around, ‘treat and street’ method all ER nurses love … They were convinced it was a rare disease process that we were completely missing, and not just ‘the FLU’ …  From overly protective middle-aged (new) parents (the WORST) to over-protective adult children of geriatric patients (yeah, equally painful) … while I’m all for patients and their families being advocates and involved in their care, repeating myself 15 different ways to ‘answer’ their question(s) gets old, really quick.  Pepper in some pediatric incarcerated hernias, geriatric hemothoraxes, pulmonary emboli’s, and sepsis … oh, and one intoxicated loser, compliments of the state troopers, who went from insulting me to proposing sexual favors … All I can say – I am SO glad this weekend is OVER!!


Time to unwind, plan for the week, and play with puppies …

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