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While I play with chainmaille, jewelry and lampwork beads, DH is plugging away at the family room.          The direct vent fireplace is installed – and works!  There’s some finish carpentry and the (fireplace) surround to build yet (and CARPET!!!),… Read More

Knitting, candles and wine … Oh my!

Lost heat out in the studio.  Darn too-small propane tank anyway!  I’ve talked to DH about getting a real (house sized) one out there … maybe now is the time.  It’s a balmy 44 degrees in there right now.  Without water (drained… Read More

Weekend wrap-up … let it snow

Looks like ‘Snowmageddon’ finally hit – or I should say ‘is hitting’, as I believe they’re still calling for more today and tomorrow – this time without all the hoopla and forewarning … So we had two types of patients last night: … Read More