Knitting, candles and wine … Oh my!

Lost heat out in the studio.  Darn too-small propane tank anyway!  I’ve talked to DH about getting a real (house sized) one out there … maybe now is the time.  It’s a balmy 44 degrees in there right now.  Without water (drained the pipes in preparation for Snowmageddon).  Of course!  I have 3 custom orders I need to be working on!

Itsss’all good.  I’ve used the time to do some knitting:  hats!  (BTW that invisible crown stitch was a royal PAIN!)

rainbow-dreadlock-hat  Mason's-hat  crown-down-knit-hat

I made candles tonight … favorites like butterscotch, crème brule, apple cider, Caribbean punch, and watermelon cotton candy.  The basement smells amazing!


And, I have some wine brewing:  Raspberry Peach Sangria and Wildberry Shiraz.  Next week I’ll get a white percolating (kiwi pear sauvignon, I think).

Island_Mist_Raspberry_Peach_Sangria        island_mist_wildberry_shiraz

With –30 to –40 wind chills, all my pooches are inside (we have heated kennels, but not for this crazy weather) … so I have four-legged love everywhere I turn, although their favorite hangout is the kitchen.  Hmmm – a lot like my two-legged family!!!  Stay Warm Y’all!

BTW – 4 months smoke-free … just sayin’!

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