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Laying low …

WWU:  Assisted fellow-staff with one nasty case of Norovirus this past weekend.  While I cleaned and scrubbed [head to toe] with soap, sanitizer and BLEACH, I woke up Tuesday moving slow, with pains (head ache and back ache) … Jumping to the only… Read More

It’s been a while …

So, I have a little of this and a little of that to report on: The twins will be heading off to camp shortly.  So, DH and I will be ‘empty nesters’.  Sort-of … but not.  Our four-legged family has grown.  Blondie… Read More

Cabin Fever?

We have so many great things going on right now, and yet: We have puppies (and they’re so stinkin’ cute)!    And a houseful of mood swings/raging hormones – thanks to twin teenagers … I’m finally growing skin/healing! Yay!!!  And, it’s tax… Read More

Knitting, candles and wine … Oh my!

Lost heat out in the studio.  Darn too-small propane tank anyway!  I’ve talked to DH about getting a real (house sized) one out there … maybe now is the time.  It’s a balmy 44 degrees in there right now.  Without water (drained… Read More

Busy ~ but I’m lovin’ it!

What a week!  I’ve been taking serious advantage of insomnia.  I have 3 kilns running, and so much to report … Here’s what I worked on tonight:  Fingers crossed it turns out as promising as I hope! And, I finished my fish… Read More

Happy Independence Week …

Yep, I stretched that day out to a whole week!  Family time, play time, and plenty of food!  All while giving thanks for those who [have] provide[d] for my independence … Not much to show from the studio (although, I am sporting… Read More

But I love it … grumble, grumble

Not having a fun week.  Too busy.  I didn’t get my chores done in time to go to a work outing tonight (- ER folks know how to have some fun too, darnit!).  AND – I’m missing my studio! [Lower lip sticking… Read More

Speed Bump = Clean Studio + Adele

So a fairly substantial life ‘speed-bump’ has altered my previous MINE-MINE-MINE studio plans … Damn Evil-Biologic and her inability to act like a responsible adult anyway …  So – feeling less than creative, I’ve spent time cleaning the studio and rockin’ with… Read More

And so it begins …

Summer – ahhhh … But wait … WE  have a houseful of teenagers … As we were sitting at the dinner table, playing some post-BBQ rummy, I was already practicing the art of deep breathing while ignoring my youngest daughter and oldest son bicker… Read More