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OMGosh–Why do I do this to myself?

Jeeze Louise!  I’m nuts!  [I KNOW!!!]  But still … We’re less than a week out from Christmas II, and I’ve got so much to do!  It’s okay.  Deep breath.  We’ll get there.  So, while we are keeping up with two high school… Read More

And then there was work …

Yep – I’ll be heading back to my ‘Day Job’ (ummm … I’m a night-shift ER nurse) tomorrow.  No more vacation.  But – I’ve had a pretty great time! My ‘Christmas-in-the-Summer’ load is just about ready!  A few more ornaments and I’ll… Read More

But I love it … grumble, grumble

Not having a fun week.  Too busy.  I didn’t get my chores done in time to go to a work outing tonight (- ER folks know how to have some fun too, darnit!).  AND – I’m missing my studio! [Lower lip sticking… Read More