And then there was work …

Yep – I’ll be heading back to my ‘Day Job’ (ummm … I’m a night-shift ER nurse) tomorrow.  No more vacation.  But – I’ve had a pretty great time!

My ‘Christmas-in-the-Summer’ load is just about ready!  A few more ornaments and I’ll have a full (coffin) kiln.  Plus, I’ve got some other projects in the works … Three kilns running!  Yay!!


doberman-mouseWe have puppies … and puppies … and soon-to-be-MORE puppies!!!  My Yorkie, Monet (Nay Nay) had two baby girls earlier this week!

And, our Blondie had her pups on Thursday.  So, our nurseries are full and I am one happy surrogate-Mom!  All of my (four legged) Moms and pups are doing great … and DH (and Zeus and Chauncey!) are passing out cigars!  clayton-hillZeus2(OK, Zeus may be focusing more on sweet potato jerky treats, but you get the gist …)Calla-Lily

And, our Calla-Lily will be having a doberman-mouse or two of her own (all Yorkshire-Terrier-style), within the next week or so … 

While watching over my crew, I finished my recent kumi bracelet project and am now gathering supplies for a ‘fashionable evening’ necklace … [Photos to come …]


It was a GREAT Staycation … full of good food, good family time, four-legged joy and overcoming my kiln-fears.  Next up … 25 ‘Official Years’ and 3 decades with [my high-school-sweet-heart …] DH!  I’d say I want something special ~ but my girls have already seen to that!  (Feeling blessed!!!)


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