Christmas in July/August, Pup Watch and Oh …

Did I mention – I’M ON VACATION!  And – have you seen that MOON?   While we aren’t traveling anywhere – so it’s a working vacation – still, I’m HAPPY!  (THAT MOON!!!  Whew!  SOO glad I’m not in the ER right now …) I’m splitting time working on fused glass Christmas ornaments with Kumihimo, playing with Mica, making part sheets (photos to come), while I watch over my ‘camp’ and crew, and spend a bit of time enjoying the Michigan sunshine while marinating in the pool!   20150802_224008_resizedlatest kumi braceletmica on glass The garden is producing (we have PURPLE beans this year, oh la la!).  Our soon-to-be momma, Blondie is uncomfortable and close.  We’re sneaking in calcium supplements with chicken, yogurt and cheese as often as she’ll let us … The twins are gearing up to take their senior photos.  And DH is working on my (mid-life-crisis?) car.  It’s a Triumph convertible.  He bought it about 18+ months ago.  I didn’t ask for it, but now I can kinda picture running around town with it … Hmmmm.  (Not my photos, but this is what she’ll look like:)

triumph-color     triumph-dash-restoredfat-chick-in-convertible

DH also managed to hardwire my studio computer internet connection (some 300 feet from the house)!  No more finicky wi-fi router.  Yay!!!  So, Netflix plays in the background … I’ve watched Blue Bloods, Crossing Lines and now I’m working on House of Cards … All in all, I’m loving my vacation!  I may also be waiting on a few internet purchases … DOH!

PS:  Happy 23rd Birthday, Baby Girl!

Baby Girl

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