Researching–so it’s been a while …

But, I do finally have some new glass to show off:   Etched, slumped bottles … I like them!


And, somewhere along the way, I got the crazy notion that I would like to love-on a miniature pig, so … I’m researching, have a couple of books coming and I’m scouring the ‘net.  How can you NOT love that face?!?  Lots to learn yet, but I have her name picked out if/when we find her:  Chloe … aww!

juliana piglet

Photo credit:

I managed a couple of pool days (Thank you, Michigan!), in between long slumbers (7-14 hours … I know, right?  My insomnia is taking a nap!  I love it!!!)  And, I ‘wrapped up’ a few more kumi bracelets.

kumi-bracelets-august     my-kumi-bracelets

Meanwhile, all four-legged loveys are doing well.  Our Neo pups are starting to play; and my Yorkie pups have graduated to their next nursery area (a multi-step process to eventually prepare them for walking amongst human feet) … Awww!!!

tawny pupblue pup 4 wkstawny girl


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