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Help … My studio needs cleaning!

But, I don’t want to stop making stuff … This is crazy … I have hundreds of dollars worth of dichroic glass balancing precariously on teetering molds [umm, multiple molds], while I shuffle jars of frit from here-to-there, to make room for… Read More

Researching–so it’s been a while …

But, I do finally have some new glass to show off:   Etched, slumped bottles … I like them! And, somewhere along the way, I got the crazy notion that I would like to love-on a miniature pig, so … I’m researching, have… Read More

Oh … I’ve done it now!

While being sick, to boot!  That’s my excuse, anyway … I have been dreaming about the ‘Cadillac’ of glass paints for a LONG time now.  Umm, not anymore … I ordered ‘em!  Cuz, my screen printing equipment arrived, and I realized I… Read More