Help … My studio needs cleaning!

new-slumped-bottlesBut, I don’t want to stop making stuff … This is crazy … I have hundreds of dollars worth of dichroic glass balancing precariously on teetering molds [umm, multiple molds], while I shuffle jars of frit from here-to-there, to make room for etching cream … on the cutting mat, off the cutting mat … move again, so we can get to the cutting mat, thus stacking the jars of frit on top of a chair, on top of EACH OTHER … never back in the CABINET … ENOUGH!!!

Umm, wait – a custom request for a few ornament designs … You bet!  I can do that … So, the piles rise and teeter a little bit higher … Oh, look – I have pretty slumped glass bottles!

And, a batch of dichroic cabochons!


Oh – and a new snap-cab dragonfly pendant!snap-dragonfly-glass


While I play with future sand-blasted sun catchers and stamped designs!

more-etching-and-stamps  howellcoyote

Yep, my studio needs some massive de-cluttering, cleaning, organizing … And, then there is Ragnar … Ruh-roh Raggy!  Who totally needs me to play with him …  [Crummy photo as he did not want to slow down to ‘pose’ …]


I will clean my studio next week, I’m sure …  After we get the garden sorted out!

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