Oh my!  First up – a few new slumped bottles in the works …


Then a stamp platter I’ve wanted to work on for a while starting to take shape … So many stamps, so little time!


And, my enamel experiment from weeks ago, finally stenciled and blasted … What to do with it now?  But, I have more stencil/blasting ideas … OH MY!


experiment scrollwaiting-for-enamel-to-drythick-paint

DH built a new glass storage rack under the torch table this week, so we headed out to my local supplier and picked up my ‘panic order’ … a day before Spectrum announced it’s future closing.  Oh, the panic set in again, but DH offered wisdom/restraint.  And, today Uroboros announced it will build … so, I stay put with my current coe 96 supply while I make, experiment and play in the studio.  Here’s my 96 sheet stock … [Don’t panic, don’t panic, DO NOT PANIC!]


Next up, pictures of Ragnar (nicknamed Raggy, ruh-roh-Raggy), our 4 week old Yorkie pup!  Who is starting to realize there is more to life than his welping box … Ruh-roh!


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