Mother’s Week

New offerings at the shop – in honor of Mother’s Day:

mothers-day-Zen-Artisan-Boutiquenew-shop-necklace snap-jewelry

Found myself in a ‘fiddly’ mood this week – working with beads, pliers and earrings … A good week:

mothers-day-earring-week mood-bead-earrings twist-earrings

Met up with ‘the girls’ for dinner – always a fun evening.  Thanks to Heather for spinach pies and Congratulations to Lara & Craig!  I’m happy to say all is well in our worlds and life marches on …

I had a few kiln-loads click-clacking this week:  Bottles, night lights and dichroic jewelry – here are future dichro pendants and badge reels:


Next up – some stamped glass designs …


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