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Mother’s Week

New offerings at the shop – in honor of Mother’s Day:   Found myself in a ‘fiddly’ mood this week – working with beads, pliers and earrings … A good week:    Met up with ‘the girls’ for dinner – always a fun evening. … Read More

It’s all coming together …

I love this frame of mind … I wish I could bottle it!  Positive energy, lots of creativity and productivity … Life is good! DH performed emergent, life-saving ‘surgery’ on Dear Old Grinder.  She’s back!  And with a new 1 inch coarse… Read More

Beautiful Day …

What an awesome day Friday was!  Perfect weather, sunshine and plenty of adult refreshments while floating in the pool … I could get used to those kinds of days … (Oh wait – that’s what we do every year in Jamaica!)  … Read More