Beautiful Day …

What an awesome day Friday was!  Perfect weather, sunshine and plenty of adult refreshments while floating in the pool … I could get used to those kinds of days … (Oh wait – that’s what we do every year in Jamaica!)  Smile

And, the studio has been productive.  I finally got around to painting (glass) on glass.  Simple drawings, but still … I’m pretty pleased with myself.  They’re in the kiln now, time to see what 1400+ degrees does to them – along with more dichro cabs.  And (- I know, right?!) new bowls came out of the coffin … Will be firing her up again this weekend, I hope.

painting-on-glass-ornaments       new-bowls

But now, as it’s the wee hours of Friday night/Saturday morning … time to go to sleep so I can be fresh and ‘nurse-y’ for work …


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