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Cruisin’ Through Summer …

I’m still playing with my reverse enameling and stamps.  A few more to finish and I will have a major coffin load of spoon rests & dishes.  Tonight’s progress:    I was painting while heating up our vit kiln for this brown/tan… Read More

More Reverse Enamel Trials …

The good news – I have my bubble squeeze program down pat!  Here are my latest spoon rests fired with white luminescent backing.  The bad news – I’m still having issues with color burn out, even while adding more venting … So,… Read More

Moo Goo Gai Pan & Studio Work …

Like much of my cooking, what started out as a small meal turned into enough to feed an army (squad – at least!) … I had a hankering for some stir-fry veggies, stumbled on this Moo Goo Gai Pan recipe (DH loves… Read More

Only in Michigan …

Can you go from 80 degrees to 40 degrees inside of 24 hours in May … Not complaining, just still in awe … while my teeth chatter. Got through Mother’s Day 2014.  It wasn’t awful, although there was plenty of drama in… Read More

That’s better!

Feelin’ a bit more like me, and the Motrin is actually helping today … so I had a great day in the studio!  I’ve been spending a lot of time learning Vitri-Fusaille (Peter McGrain) along with all other painting on stained glass… Read More

Dichro/Ornament Central

So … it’s been a good week!  I’ve been a busy little elf … prepping and cooking glass.  FINALLY finished up some dichro cabs … ready for badge reels and photography.  I’m also playing with some permanent-fuse decals that I’ve had for… Read More

Happy Anniversary … again!

This week marks the one year ‘anniversary’ of my blog … Wow!  What a difference a year can bring.  Lots of changes, good times and bad, but overall … Life is Good!  What will the next 365 days bring? WWU (Weekend Wrap… Read More

Beautiful Day …

What an awesome day Friday was!  Perfect weather, sunshine and plenty of adult refreshments while floating in the pool … I could get used to those kinds of days … (Oh wait – that’s what we do every year in Jamaica!)  … Read More

Ideas, hamsters and crack … Studio update

Getting closer to putting out some new bowls and badge reels … both kilns running as I type.  Here’s the coffin loaded with a de-bubble run – future fall/Halloween bowls, a replacement ‘Caribbean’ and ‘Think Spring’ (vibrant, blooming-flower colors), and another large… Read More

Still holding …

Sienna and I have had long talks now on the importance of relaxing, thinking ‘open thoughts’ … and when those didn’t seem to have any effect, we talked about how much better she would feel is she just dropped a load!  Still… Read More