Only in Michigan …

Can you go from 80 degrees to 40 degrees inside of 24 hours in May … Not complaining, just still in awe … while my teeth chatter.

Got through Mother’s Day 2014.  It wasn’t awful, although there was plenty of drama in the E.R. … But, no emergency enemas – so it qualifies as a WIN in my book.  I had a moment of weakness, and agreed to pick up additional hours on Monday, which has me wide awake at 5am on Wednesday (today) …

I have continued to work through my (mental) stress in the studio – cutting, designing, bleeding and producing.  I have photos.  I’ve also been doing some therapeutic shopping, my style (via the ‘net).  My Grandma is not doing well.  My Grandpa is hurting.  I hate this!  Which means I will continue to work (and probably shop) like the ‘Hounds of Hell’ are circling … [And that thought has me mentally designing my next piece …]  Anyway – pictures:  Two Hearts pendant; my (tribute to the movie) ‘Frozen’ cast box; a gorgeous Michigan May sunset (from 5/10/14); and my latest enamel paint tiles (waiting to be fired) …


frozen-box sunset-5-10 new-paint-tiles



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