We interrupt this technology …

To bring you an afternoon with internet searches and technical support.  My favorite … trying to figure out why something computer/electronic isn’t working.  But special thanks to Mike at USCutters, and my fancy plotter is up and running again!!!  (Now, I have no idea why my other, less expensive Eclips is misbehaving … but that’s another afternoon/story…)  Bent-sensor-in-Graphtec-CE5000 Here’s the culprit.  Yep, you guessed it …The ‘Y position’ sensor got misaligned, thus creating the never-ending ‘Y-Position-Error’ alarm … Duh!!!  Winking smile So, now I have some new and requested badge reels and pendants in the works.  Along with an ongoing work-in-progress ‘beach theme’ collection (so much more to come … thank you Delphi and Ed Hoy!) …

new-dichro-pieces-in-the-wo  beach-themed-collection

And some other items I’m excited about:  future spoon rest, bowls, etc. in a pretty sunflower pattern; new nightlights to be listed soon; and check out this gorgeous Bullseye glass … [Sigh …] I’m not exactly sure what I’m making from it yet, but it’ll be beautiful!  Smile

sunflower-decal  latest-nightlights  new-bullseye-glass

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