It’s been a while …

So, I have a little of this and a little of that to report on:

The twins will be heading off to camp shortly.  So, DH and I will be ‘empty nesters’.  Sort-of … but not.  Our four-legged family has grown.  Blondie had her babies (in under 19 hours!) and I took a quick shot of some of Izzy’s pups (13 days old).  I love puppy breath!

day1 13days

My sister and I went to visit Grandpa.  He’s a retired engineer.  [He’s not really demonstrative/cuddly or overly sappy …]  He is also NOT hard of hearing, BTW.  It was a good visit.  On our way out, I said to him, “Love you Gramps.” … Nothing.

[My little sister is not one for being ignored.]  She stops moving towards the car, looks him square in the face and yells loud enough to wake the dead, “WE LOVE YOU GRANDPA!!!”  Without skipping a beat Grandpa says, “Well I should hope so.” 

All-righty then … Well said Gramps!  Winking smile

Studio News:  I’m working on an experiment that has me back in high school, thinking chemistry/physics thoughts.  I’m getting there, slowly but surely, I think, maybe …  (Can I just say – Biology was my class, not so much Chemistry!)  Anyway – here’s what I have so far:

cab-experiments-2  cab-experiment

And – my latest decal trials.  The system is geared for ceramics, so I’m experimenting/tweaking for glass.  Baby steps … Although, the last photo is a slumping issue – which had nothing to do with the decal and is 100% user error.  Oops … Wonky!


Since animals are ‘on the brain’ at my house – I have a large kiln load of (predominantly) ‘animal print’ glass.  And, remember the Bullseye reaction glass I was so excited about?  It’s not so amazing once fired … Hmmmph.

animal-print-glass  BE-reaction-glass

That’s it for now.  I’m soaking up all the sunshine I can during this strange, cold summer.  And, thanks to a coworker, I am in love with Starbucks Refresher Cool Lime (you mix it with water).  Like, hunt-it-down-via-the-internet-to-purchase-by-the-case in love.  So,  I’m not drinking much Diet Coke these days, and for the first time in my life I’m drinking more water.  (I’ve also rolled past 10 months smoke free.)  It’s tough being this healthy!  Winking smile

starbucks refreshers

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