The beat goes on …

Darn you Creative Paradise!  But, my mind was elsewhere, so I followed the firing schedule (even though, through previous experience NO LESS, I know better!) and messed up my project – and mold.  Aaargghhh! 

wrong-schedule     broken-project-and-mold

To top it off – my next move was to mess up my ‘lil palette knife beach scene.  Gone is the texture.  Can I fix it?  Yeah, probably but … Doggone it!!!

round-2-texture            no-more-texture

And, I’m still trying to work my way through this digital profile/computer stuff.  Believe it or not, those three images/items are all supposed to be matching in colors … (therein lies the most recent problem …)


I have had a few successes in the studio – so I’m shaking it all off, and reminding myself that the beat goes on …

slumped-peacock-bowl  large-poppy zebra-stripe-platter-bowl

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