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The beat goes on …

Darn you Creative Paradise!  But, my mind was elsewhere, so I followed the firing schedule (even though, through previous experience NO LESS, I know better!) and messed up my project – and mold.  Aaargghhh!       To top it off – my next move… Read More


Must have been tired yesterday when I was playing in the studio … I pulled my latest Welcome Yoda sign out and was initially pleased!  Here are both irid signs: And then, as I was trying to catch the irid-flash on the… Read More

Overcooking … Doh!

Another lesson learned – the hard way.  Apparently one can ‘overcook’ PnP in one’s heat press.  Dammitall!  At least that’s what I think happened, as I decided to take the 15 dichro pieces through one-more-round in the heat press.  Last night’s successes… Read More