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Sad and Sweet …

I said goodbye to a great man this week.  Garner, my Sunday-school teacher passed. While I am happy for him, as he lived a full life and his body just couldn’t keep up with his amazing mind anymore … I am sad… Read More

An experiment and 3 kilns running!

Dog-gone, but it’s hot in the studio tonight.  I’m not complaining, really.  All three kilns hitting 1300-1700 degrees will do that.  In the meantime, while shedding excess water weight, I’m working on some cabs with decals, while my kiln programs are running. … Read More

Oh Snap!

Who shot the peacock?!?  Dammitall!  Turns out, IF you read the actual CPI tutorial for the plate, there is a small, significant tip regarding firing:  “If the posts are too far under the tile, they will cause uneven heat to that area…. Read More


Must have been tired yesterday when I was playing in the studio … I pulled my latest Welcome Yoda sign out and was initially pleased!  Here are both irid signs: And then, as I was trying to catch the irid-flash on the… Read More

Spinning my wheels …

but – still being productive.  After seven phone calls, I have the next doctor’s appointment set, this time with an academic dermatologist (yeah, I didn’t realize there are different types either) … I see him in 6 weeks.  Lordy, here’s hoping everything… Read More

Don’t get cocky …

Lesson learned the hard way!  DOH!!!  I have five failed platters in my kiln … So much went wrong – splintering, bubbling, over-firing.  Shoot, what a mess!  I feel like a newbie.  I thought my kiln and I had a better understanding… Read More

Slight detour …

Spent the afternoon putting together a ‘lil scrapbook … all dye-sub style.  We have yet another Doc leaving us, and I needed to let her know she’ll be missed greatly! Yesterday I was cruising along pretty well with putting together my mosaic load… Read More

Limbo …

As an ER nurse, I don’t do ‘in limbo’ very well … but here I am … waiting for my part to come from the kiln company.  I called last week – customer service was great!  Very customer-friendly, and she assured me… Read More