Don’t get cocky …

Lesson learned the hard way!  DOH!!!  I have five failed platters in my kiln … So much went wrong – splintering, bubbling, over-firing.  Shoot, what a mess!  I feel like a newbie.  I thought my kiln and I had a better understanding of each other.  So, I’ll try again – this time without the conservative, energy-saving full-kiln approach, as I just blew a couple hundred bucks in glass.  DOH!  I’ve closed the lid on the kiln, and I don’t even want to look at it!  [Hanging head …]

epic-fail irid-platter-fail kiln-load-failure

Before discovering complete failure, I did have a few happy moments with some new molds/experiments:  Here are duo-colored fleur de lys which show some promise (for what, I haven’t decided).  And a couple of dragonflies that may be neat (layered mica and dichro-slide).

frit-fleur-de-lis    dragonfly-experiment

The good news:  I salvaged the molds, and I’ll get past this failure – eventually … I’m gonna need some comfort food tonight!

comfort foods

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