Dusting off, while I (slowly) get back on the horse …

Dog-with-a-bone persistent … yep, that’s me.  I cleaned out my coffin-kiln fiasco, and ran to my favorite glass supply store this week to stock up on iridescent glass.  I will make some (amazing) irid platters, DANG IT!  So, here we go … Take 2, scene 1:


I also have my T.V. Picasso/zentangle cabs etched … finally.  They’re ready for the next step.


It’s been a busy week.  Not altogether fun, but … eventful.  Our family grew by one.  One of our pups made her way back home, after 3+ years of not learning manners.  It will be a slow-moving journey, but we’ll get her schooled on how a happy, healthy Neo behaves and plays.  But first – we need time to get to know each other (more to come) …

Have/had THREE day-walker appointments this week.  Uhgg!!!  The absolute LAST ONE is in a few short hours.  This one has me meeting with a rheumatologist.  WTH ?!? … Ok, whatever you say, Doc.  [But – I will NEVER become a morning person … EVER.  Just sayin’!]  I’m functioning on way-too-little sleep here!

DH has a new ‘project’ … this one is a ‘72 Triumph.  It’s cute, has potential – and has NO boat-wanna-be qualities to her.  So, he’s driving all over lower Michigan, gathering parts to repair her.  Here’s a pic of one, in her restored prime.

72 Triumph - restored

No in-depth WWU this week.  Got through, didn’t hurt anyone … but, I’m struggling.  Coworker issues, demanding family members, communication conflicts combined with ridiculous complaints (mosquito bites … No – really!!!) mixed with “SICK”[!!!] folks = NO FUN!

Time for a bit of sleep …

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