Therapeutic blood-letting???

After today’s doctor appointment and lab tests – where they literally took 14 (no, really FOURTEEN!!) vials of blood – I feel thoroughly tested, and a little tired.  Oh, and I had a new specialist doctor (yet another discipline) recommended … Lordy!  This is getting a bit ridiculous.

lots of blood work

So, I came home and took a nap.  I feel better, and I’ve decided to boycott doctors offices next week …

Woke from my siesta to a nice surprise in the mail … look at these yummy looking specialty dog treats …  Awww.  Olivia (recipient) loves them, and they made my day.  Her pups are opening their eyes, so we’ll have a photo-shoot soon and share that squishy-faced love.


I’m going to switch gears and play in the studio for a bit tonight, while I work on generating blood cells.

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