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Ginger got her glass on …

Cheesy, I know … But – I’m happy!  I have all three kilns ROCKIN’ (Hummmm … Click … CLACK!!!)!  I’m getting some custom items moving along … [Plus – a few future badge reels I’d like to dedicate to all ‘Nurses who… Read More

Decisions, decisions …

Kicking around the idea of playing with web-code again … maybe to add a storefront to my facebook page, or to my website, since I can’t add it to this site.  (Darn drawbacks to wordpress.com, anyway.  If my ramblings [blog] were on… Read More

Therapeutic blood-letting???

After today’s doctor appointment and lab tests – where they literally took 14 (no, really FOURTEEN!!) vials of blood – I feel thoroughly tested, and a little tired.  Oh, and I had a new specialist doctor (yet another discipline) recommended … Lordy! … Read More