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Some good, some bad … But – the 3rd time’s the charm!

The GOOD:  I’ve been producing in the studio; I have a few leads for ‘show-casing’ my ART;  I’ve been working on some glass special requests (… I absolutely love those!);  My family (both 2- and 4-legged) are healthy and well; I finally… Read More

This week in the studio …

So, my flower plate ERUPTED too … Dang it! But, I have a plan for this plate and the failed peacock piece … [drumroll] … spoon rests!!!    To go with the other spoon rests I’ll be cutting from these blanks and future… Read More

Moving along …

I have three kilns running!  Yea BABY!!!  More platters, dichro cabs (with some requested Angels), and a few experiments.  Love it!                And, I’ll have a de-bubble run coming later this week.  Yep, moving along … Slept some 18 out… Read More

Spinning my wheels …

but – still being productive.  After seven phone calls, I have the next doctor’s appointment set, this time with an academic dermatologist (yeah, I didn’t realize there are different types either) … I see him in 6 weeks.  Lordy, here’s hoping everything… Read More

Therapeutic blood-letting???

After today’s doctor appointment and lab tests – where they literally took 14 (no, really FOURTEEN!!) vials of blood – I feel thoroughly tested, and a little tired.  Oh, and I had a new specialist doctor (yet another discipline) recommended … Lordy! … Read More