Spinning my wheels …

but – still being productive.  After seven phone calls, I have the next doctor’s appointment set, this time with an academic dermatologist (yeah, I didn’t realize there are different types either) … I see him in 6 weeks.  Lordy, here’s hoping everything stays stable and the fever stays at bay.  As a healthcare worker – I hate saying this, but sometimes healthcare STINKS!!!

Anyway – back to being productive:  The garden is planted; The new liner is in the pool – with brand new clear, sparkly water … no green Jello to fight this year, thank you very much!  I’ve been a cooking-fool in the kitchen;  I’m playing with pooches … here’s a fuzzy pic of Cally – loving her discovered and promptly coveted ‘Big Dog’ bone – silly girl! 


And, I’ve been creatin’ in the studio [… umm, thank you Insomnia (???) Confused smile].  I’m still on my ‘Welcome Yoda sign’ kick.  Here’s the last one (I capped it with clear – kind of) and thought I had a good, slow bubble soak going, but … Nope.  No Joy!  Hmmm – he’ll join my ‘wall of shame’ here in the studio (which is getting quite full – DOH! Surprised smile)  Here’s tonight’s trial – on irid glass – as it appears to be my new obsession (???) …

yoda-bubbles      irid-Yoda

And, I got my hands on some Float Fire 82 (thank you Armstrong Glass), so I have a slumped wine bottle with this image ready to go into the kiln.  I also have an idea ‘percolatin’ that involves these images …

slumped-wine-bottle-summer-      Yorkie-print-screen-idea

But, next on my list is cleaning this studio.  What a mess!  Not an empty surface to be found.  Yep, must clean … soon!  Meanwhile, I distracted my mental worries/woes with a WEE bit of internet shopping.  New goodies coming soon! Open-mouthed smile


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