Must have been tired yesterday when I was playing in the studio …

I pulled my latest Welcome Yoda sign out and was initially pleased!  Here are both irid signs:


And then, as I was trying to catch the irid-flash on the (more square) Yoda, I finally realized why I couldn’t see it … It’s on the back of the sun-catcher – DOH!!!


As I had success with my first garden summer slumped bottle, I was eager to open the production kiln and see how my new piece (with additional flowers/butterflies) had fared on the cobalt slumped bottle.  DOH!!!  No Joy!  On top of cracking into two pieces – all the colorful (red, orange, white, green and yellow) frit burned to an unsightly brown/black or darn-near disappeared.  It was fused at the same temps (same program) as the first bottle.  I did vent the kiln through the first half of the program in an attempt to get a truer red … Hmmm ???

fired-summer-garden-slumped-bottle     summer-garden-slumped-bottle-mishap

I’ll let it all ruminate, but now it’s time to play with puppies ….

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