Moving along …

I have three kilns running!  Yea BABY!!!  More platters, dichro cabs (with some requested Angels), and a few experiments.  Love it!

platters-step-one     dichro-cabs-7-13Angel-cabs     dichroic-angel-cabspidermen-experiments     dichro-ladybugs

And, I’ll have a de-bubble run coming later this week.  Yep, moving along …

Slept some 18 out of 28 hours(! – I know, right?!?) – so, I’m over the trauma of the weekend  (‘nuff said).  Spent time with our oldest ‘baby’ – who turns 21 this week (LORDY- I’m OLD!!!) …

I attended a local community artist gathering tonight.  Kinda fun, and I met some neat folks.

And(!) – rumor has it that warm, SUNNY days are supposed to hit some time this week.  Almost makes up for my next ‘specialist’ doctor appointment … MmHmm, moving along!

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