No More Sunshine?!? What!!!

TaggertSo, I don’t have lupus or mixed-connective tissue disease … yet!  Although, my newest doctor tells me that SUNSHINE could cause my ANA to flip.  WTH!?!  Next, someone’s gonna say that Diet Coke or alcohol are bad for you!!!  In the meantime, I meet with the surgeon again next week …

Meanwhile, DH did it again.  I wish I’d taken a photo of poor, pathetic Taggert (our newest family member) with his ridiculous babushka head wrap.  Yep – DH had his ears cropped. 

I have platters loaded in the kiln for final slumping.  I had a mishap in the production kiln … my (previously stable) pieces with mica layers decided to revolt and blow apart in the kiln.  So now I have two globs of YUCK!  DOH!  Along with the rest of my cabs – that turned out lovely, BTW …


mica-mishap   Globs of Yuck

Took the kids to see The Wolverine.  They liked it.  I had too many thoughts of mutant body parts flowing around in my head to enjoy the movie.  But I did walk out of the theater feeling glad that I’m not a viper … YET!  Maybe chocolate causes that?!?  Winking smile


4 Comments on “No More Sunshine?!? What!!!”

  1. It took me a bit to figure out exactly how the ladybug was involved in your mishap. And I am also trying to figure out how your mica layups became so unstable? Thoughts?


  2. It took me a few minutes to figure out how the ladybug became a part of the mishap. Exactly what cause the mica layup to become bombs? I’m just starting to add mica to my tool box. Thanks,


    • Hi Bridget! I’m not exactly sure what happened …You can see in the middle photo where the two ‘bombs’ were located – and just how far they jumped, fusing themselves to surrounding cabs. I do know that the mica doesn’t actually fuse, but lays between the two sealed layers of glass. I’d like to say bubbles or too much mica caused the problem, but I can’t … And – I had 3 other mica cabs survive (not explode) in the run. BTW – this cab run was just to set the enamel borders – so only about 1300 degrees … CRAZY, huh? 🙂


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