Month: September 2013

Interesting, frustrating, painful … you decide

So, I’ve had 3 kilns running for the last few days.  My experiments were … interesting and frustrating, but have potential … maybe.  I also have a few other ideas to try.     And, I have some sweet dichro (jewelry) pieces almost… Read More

An experiment and 3 kilns running!

Dog-gone, but it’s hot in the studio tonight.  I’m not complaining, really.  All three kilns hitting 1300-1700 degrees will do that.  In the meantime, while shedding excess water weight, I’m working on some cabs with decals, while my kiln programs are running. … Read More

Slowing down …

Yeah, sure … Umm, kinda WWU:  The full moon did not disappoint this weekend.  It was flippin’ craziness everywhere  (And, I don’t mean [non-PC] behavioral medicine craziness.  I mean full-moon nuttiness all the way around!):  Arguments with law enforcement; bizarre complaints; insane… Read More

This weekend …

Fun time at Highland HeyDays  … and we did okay, too.  DH ‘manned the booth’ for me today, as I spent 24+ hours awake on Saturday.  The music was good (some great, some – interesting), although a bit loud.  Weather was beautiful… Read More

I did say crazy – Right?!?

Oh, yeah – you betcha!  But, I almost have the coffin kiln loaded with ornaments and ready to run.  Look at what I made tonight … It’s ‘Ornament Central’ up in here … Why?  I dunno …but I like it!  The days… Read More