Slowing down …

Yeah, sure … Umm, kinda

WWU:  The full moon did not disappoint this weekend.  It was flippin’ craziness everywhere  (And, I don’t mean [non-PC] behavioral medicine craziness.  I mean full-moon nuttiness all the way around!):  Arguments with law enforcement; bizarre complaints; insane volume in our ‘lil country club ER; combined with crazy computer issues.  But … we survived, and everyone that requested it (i.e. didn’t walk out of the ER) got good care.

Moving on … The art shows are over – for now, anyway.  I had a good time at the (judged) LFAA show.  And –  I received ‘honorable mention’ for a couple of my pieces!  Smile  (This really means a lot to me – in an environment dominated by PAINTING artists and judged by an oil-paint-expert.  But, more importantly – I had fun, and my ‘stuff’ was well received.)  I also bought a couple of things … art note-cards.  I love the colors and fun of this little watercolor turtle; and the “SARCASTIC ME” was totally drawn to this card … The inside  message has gotta be something along the line of  “Thinking of you …”  Winking smile 

squirt-cards-pf      urinal-card

So, now I’m back in my studio – which has been cleaned!!!  I’m moving some cabs forward:



Fortunately, after prepping for the shows, I’m all set with ornaments for this holiday season.  But, I am working on a few Christmas-themed platters and plates.  Here’s a rough version of a Santa platter I’m working on. 


My Tree of Life pieces were well received at both art shows.  So, I think I’ll look into specialty packing boxes for them (shipping) and make a few more.  And, I’ll spend some time photographing my new pieces for the shops ,,, always my favorite activity (NOT)!!

tree-of-life-at-show   tree-of-life

I met with ‘the girls’ (childhood friends) last week.  All is ‘good’ (if not down-right awesome) in our worlds.  Having said that … (AKA meanwhile, in my world -) both twins are getting their wisdom teeth pulled later this week.  Prayers for us all, as DH and I watch over our ‘patients’ …

In the meantime, I’m moving towards the next hurdle of living a smoke-free life (= a whole month).  While I may be eating ANYTHING that isn’t nailed down, no one has died – or even been seriously injured.  So, still successful … RIGHT?!?

Our canine crew (including pups) are doing great.  The babies will be/are 6 wks old, and so much fun to play with now (is she NOT just TOO CUTE???) … But, we’re upsetting our Moms at the moment, because we are removing them from their babies (so that Moms can start getting back to pre-pregnant weights [as pups are eating solid foods] and babies can start their immunization schedule).  It HAS to happen, and it’s a short-lived hormonal nuttiness stage on behalf of the Moms ,,,


My ‘lil medical condition remains stable – giving me time to figure out what the next step should be.  So, sss’all good!  Yep, slowing down … Can’t you tell?  Winking smile

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