An experiment and 3 kilns running!

Dog-gone, but it’s hot in the studio tonight.  I’m not complaining, really.  All three kilns hitting 1300-1700 degrees will do that.  In the meantime, while shedding excess water weight, I’m working on some cabs with decals, while my kiln programs are running.  (Can’t wait to open them tomorrow and see how everything faired!)

decal-cabs   reworking-older-cabs

I have the coffin loaded with step one of some new functional Christmas items (bowls, platters, coasters) and another irid Tree of Life.  (My last irid sheet, Oh NO! … It’s time for another trip to my favorite glass supplier!)


And, the production kiln is loaded with next stage cabs, while the baby kiln is loaded with a frit/boil experiment.  Fingers crossed for a successful outcome! 

next-level-cabs     frit-boil-experiment

I don’t know if you remember my dichro-scrap melt from 8/11, but it recently sold.  So, needing a new one (the darn thing grew on me) – I’ve loaded failed cabs, dichro scrap, etc. to run when the production kiln is available.


The twins get their wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow.  While my daughter is being very vocal about her nervousness, my son is remaining awfully quiet … ???  But, they both asked me if I could start their IV’s … Awww!

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