Interesting, frustrating, painful … you decide

So, I’ve had 3 kilns running for the last few days.  My experiments were … interesting and frustrating, but have potential … maybe.  I also have a few other ideas to try.

frit-boil-experiment-thick    frit-boil-flowed-out

And, I have some sweet dichro (jewelry) pieces almost ready for listing:

dichro-silver-pendant     dichro-pendants

My ‘Christmas run’ is promising.  And, I’m cooking the slump run (for bowls and platters) now, so my fingers are still crossed.  My dichro slab has a lot of pink and one giant red spot!  Pink is not my favorite color, but … it can all be tweaked, so – ??? 

christmas-coffin-run    dichro-scrap-pink-blank

The twins have had a hard time recovering from their wisdom teeth extractions.  I think they’re on the mend, but … they’re still hurting.  (Which is painful to see.)

And, somewhere along the line it was decided that I would be acting charge nurse last night (WTH?!?) – in the midst of an S.R.O. ER – with a STEMI patient – and, every abdominal complaint you can think of – ALL night long!  Interesting, frustrating or painful … um, I’ll let you decide. 

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