More good stuff … coming

I’ve been playing a bit in the studio, and doing a wee bit of shopping.  Someone has copper enameling equipment coming.  [Shhhh – don’t tell DH!]  And, a few new molds and glass from my favorite glass shop.  Maybe I have some stands from NC on the way.  Oh – and possibly a couple bails from OR (… and FL, and China).  We won’t even talk about any decals I may have stumbled on …  Ss’all good!  DH keeps stealing chocolate from my studio, so – it’s justified. 

I also bought a new (used) cabinet for the studio (T.Y. Craigslist).  He [DH] says I overpaid, and it does smell a bit old and musty – but, it’s the perfect size for the space and it provides covered storage for more of my ‘stuff’.

stuff-in-cabinet   craigslist-cabinet   

I’ve been making listings for the (Etsy) shops.  And, I’ve officially been smoke-less for a month (working on 5 weeks now).  I wonder if I’ll always ‘count it out’ (I’m reminding myself of the scene in the Adam Sandler movie, Grown Ups – umm, ‘48 months’) …  Anyway – listings for the (Artfire) shops:



The twins are on the mend and eating normally.  I head back to work tomorrow.  And, our pups will be moving on to their new homes over the weekend and early next week … so visits, DTW trips and sad good-byes.  (Look at that handsome little porker!  Too cute!!!)


And, then we jump into prepping for a few more art shows.  Maybe.  I think … (Muir Middle School, Arts & Greens Holiday Market, and Warm & Cozy.  Possibly.  We’ll see.)  I have projects and ornaments and ideas whipping around my head like crazy.  Good thing I have some new supplies and more coming … Winking smile

making-more-pendants  next-batch-ornaments  new-bottle-slumps

*BTW – not only does my record remain clean (no one injured) during the last ‘almost’ five weeks of my tobacco-free-ness … but – I’ve spent every penny I would have saved on glass/studio supplies … Yeah, that’s better! (???)  Smile

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