Puppies, pendants and dandelions …

Oh my!  Put in a full day at DTW yesterday (13 hours) … thank you central scheduling!  But, we now have extended family in WA, VA, MO, NC and TX (as well as OH, IN, WI NY and MI).  All the pups did great!  We have one last pup here to play with (Stella), before her new parents pick her up.  Here are a couple of quick pics:

Petra---hanging-out-before-our-flight     Stella-awww

I’m slowly putting together pendants and photos for listings.  Here’s what I have so far, with a few cool shots:

copper-zentangle   Frit tree   celticheart

Reflections Tree  Birds

tribottle-bowlAnd – I’ll be working on a few more jewelry, bowl and platter designs.  Dandelions, butterflies, hot air balloons, foot prints, snowmen and puppy dogs to come …  In the meantime, here are a couple of pics of my latest bottle slump.  I like the ‘tri-bowl’ (even though the ‘Coca-Cola burned off) – so I’m going to the store to by some [neat] beer [bottles] … more suffering for art!  Winking smile

WWU:  Busy.  Croup season is here, along with ortho camp (thank you school football).  Managed some hard IV starts, legal blood draws (requiring four police officers, no less), difficult parents with their difficult children, etc.  Rumor has it JCAHO is making their way through our ER’s this week.  Sure hope they’re gone come this weekend!  On that note, I’m off to the ER (and grocery store) – some of the girls want to see my jewelry and badge reels.


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