Slow–but not idle …

more-necklacesMoving ideas and projects along slowly in the studio this week.  I really liked the looks of some of my pendants using different bails/settings, so I had to investigate (so ‘code’ for internet shopping) … And – now feel well stocked, and ready to make more jewelry.

I’m also making more ornaments  – because, it would appear I don’t feel I have enough.  Actually, I’m making angel ornaments that can be personalized, ‘cuz it makes me happy.  Will show a photo when done.

I’ve had a few special request items that I’ve had to work through from a design idea to implementation standpoint, but now I think I’m ready for some actual glass cutting.

special-request   future-dichro-cabs   requested-dichro-cabs

I’ve also had my first two INTERNATIONAL glass sales.  Wow, I feel so … sophisticated, worldly, grown up???  I don’t know, but I like it.  Thanks ladies!  And lastly, I’m working my way through an on again, off again tooth ache.  I know.  I KNOW!  Go to the dentist.  But, in the last few years, I have really cultivated my odontophobia to a fairly impressive level.  And, since I don’t believe in anxiety attacks (for me, personally) – I avoid the dentist.  I am home treating my tooth, as any good ER nurse would … Problem solved.  Besides – this may be an effective weight loss technique, just sayin’ …

I’ll leave with a cute pic of ‘Babyy Girrrlllll!’ (no, really – that’s how I yell out her name and she comes RUNNING)!  She’s 6 weeks old and the cutest little stinker with her tiny little legs!  She’s finally moving from Mom to canned food, and totally loves me (maybe because I feed her, but – whatever …).


PS – I remain smoke-free, but won’t mention it until I hit the ‘2 MONTH’ mark …  I’m done talking in weeks.

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