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Bad weather, good day …

We had a fairly impressive snowstorm today, the first of the season … during our show.  That was kind of a bummer, and made for a chillier than usual green house.  But, we still had a good day at Arts & Greens… Read More

Slow–but not idle …

Moving ideas and projects along slowly in the studio this week.  I really liked the looks of some of my pendants using different bails/settings, so I had to investigate (so ‘code’ for internet shopping) … And – now feel well stocked, and… Read More

This Elf is Ready for a Break

I’ve been working hard this week … shipping packages daily, cranking out personalized ornament orders (both of which I love), getting the computers talking to each other (networked – so I can access pictures/info in the new studio), loading drivers and photo-editing… Read More

Evil Strikes Again … (WWU)

While I was trying to get through my weekend at work – doing good deeds, like starting IV’s on septic infants (SUCCESS!) – the dark side struck … Yep – the biological mother rose up from the depths of Hades to mess… Read More

The Little Yorkie That Could …

NayNay’s little man … John and I have spent the last 8 days round-the-clock supplementing one of Monet’s little boys … Soon after delivery, it became apparent that his nursing ‘staying power’ wasn’t much, and he was being knocked off nursing by… Read More