The Little Yorkie That Could …

NayNay’s little man … John and I have spent the last 8 days round-the-clock supplementing one of Monet’s little boys … Soon after delivery, it became apparent that his nursing ‘staying power’ wasn’t much, and he was being knocked off nursing by his littermates.  With Yorkies – they are SO small, that 99.9% of the time, supplementing doesn’t work, and they fade. 

I think I’ve met Mr 0.1%!  If he keeps on keepin’ on, I need to give him an awesome name.  I’m trying to keep my hopes low, but this little guy is a fighter!  He’s so tiny and pathetic, he’s absolutely adorable!  And while I still try to give him nursing time with Nay, he’s gotten so used to being syringe fed, that he turns away from NayNay (and the waiting milk, cuz that’s too much work) and tries to climb into my hands … the little stinker!  Since he’s made his way into my heart, and is taking up so much of my time, I wanted to share him …

Here is his day one photo, another one of him today, and one with his littermates – so you can see just how little he is.


And now that I have disturbed his slumber … it must be time to eat again!  Smile  Go Little Man, go!

2 Comments on “The Little Yorkie That Could …”

  1. Yes! Go little man, go! That is adorable beyond how I could phrase it….Makes my worries seems trivial. Keep us all updated on this little guy!


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